7 May 2015

Off Plan Property Investments Spain

Specialists In Off Plan Property In Spain

Our team of new Spanish property specialists here at New Spanish Properties have a solid foundation of over 10 years’ experience in the new Spanish property market.

As an independent agent we specialise in off plan and key ready new Spanish property and most importantly we have access to all quality new property for sale on Alicante Province, Costa Blanca. Our extensive knowledge of the new Spanish property market combined with our working collaborations with the best property developers on the Costa Blanca, Spain, ensure that we only offer unbiased advice and individually tailored property searches that match your requirements.

The Spanish modern off-plan property market is particularly buoyant at this point in time both with people looking to buy an off-plan property on the Costa Blanca, Spain for personal use and also with people looking for off-plan property investments in Spain.

Spanish off-plan investments are becoming increasingly popular and the reasons are as crystal clear as the Mediterranean waters themselves!

Purchasing an off-plan property on the Costa Blanca, Spain opens up the door to realistic and achievable returns within the first year. If you are considering the property as a Spanish off-plan investment then this the generated profit becomes even more attractive should you sell the property before building completion as your profit will be free from capital gains tax. Of course not everyone will be looking for an off-plan Spanish property investment and those of you who are planning to use your new property as a holiday home can also benefit from excellent rental income opportunities throughout the year whilst your property appreciates in value. A very reassuring thought as you sip your sangria on your own personal terrace! Whatever your plans for your new off-plan property on the Costa Blanca, our team of off-plan property specialists here at New Spanish Properties can advise you on which ever strategy you are considering

Some points to consider when buying off-plan property on the Costa Blanca, Spain:

Choose the perfect area - for you and your investment.

It is important that you take the time to choose the area wisely for your Spanish off-plan investment. Not only may you want to enjoy the property personally but you may also need to consider the rental market and demand for buy-to-let. Areas that have markets rich in both of these are very desirable and the property will sell quickly should you choose to sell it on. New Spanish Properties have a solid knowledge of the rental returns and buy-to-let markets so please do not hesitate to contact our team for further advice.

Find the most suitable payment scheme.

Once you have decided on the perfect area on the Costa Blanca, Spain, for your off-plan property you also then need to consider the most suitable payment scheme. Many developers will offer highly financially beneficial schemes to enable you to take advantage of the low pre-completion property price with a down payment of only around 30%. As the property development nears completion property prices rise and at this point if this is purely a Spanish off-plan investment for you then you may want to consider selling on and realising your return of around 20% having never paid the full property price.

Choose the correct type of property.

If you are looking at the purchase as a Spanish off-plan investment then you may want to consider the plot carefully if you wish to sell on quickly. Attractive corner plots, penthouses and good layouts are all key to ensuring your off-plan property investment will have a captive audience on the market.

Why is off-plan property on the Costa Blanca, Spain so financially affordable?

Clients often ask our team of new property specialists why off-plan property on the Costa Blanca is cheaper and here are some of the reasons. It is in the developer’s interest to sell new Spanish property off-plan in order to limit their own financial risk. New Spanish Properties carry out extensive due diligence to ensure that all of the new Spanish property developers that we work with are financially sound, solvent and reputable. The developer must take into consideration that buyers who cannot view the completed build will naturally demand a lower price and this is why the prices are lower than upon completion. Once a show room becomes available prices of the Spanish off-plan investment properties begin to rise until they are completed builds with top property pricing. Pricing will continue to rise as more units sell and the demand increases. Don’t wait until the property prices rise and the best plots have been snapped up, capitalise on your fantastic investment opportunity and call us today.

If you are considering an off-plan holiday property on the Costa Blanca, Spain or indeed a pure Spanish off-plan investment then contact New Spanish Properties today and let us find you the perfect development in your ideal area. As independent agents we have access to every quality new property development on the Costa Blanca, Spain so you will only need to make one appointment and you will receive unbiased, expert advice and a tailored service to your needs.

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If you are interested in off plan property investments in Spain, Costa Blanca contact us today for more information on the latest projects!

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